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After announcing that I planned to close my shop at the end of this summer, I have received many (MANY!) messages regarding people’s love of Saturated Canary stamps as well as requests for more.  I thought a long time about it—I still want to pull away from the digital stamp business and change the focus of my energies from stamp-creation to other adventures and a new family focus.  I do, however, have stamps drawn and ready.  My options are to flood my shop with all the new, unreleased stamps or offer them at a huge discount over the next year.  I am choosing the latter—as a subscription.  I am still planning to close my shop and all Saturated Canary- related social media accounts.  However, I have found a way to easily provide some of you with continued access to my drawings (for the next year) while still giving myself space and a way to transition into new things.  Please read below for more information and, if interested, to purchase a subscription. *Subscriptions MUST BE PURCHASED BY OCTOBER 1st!!
One year digital stamp subscription (October 2016 – September 2017)


            ~52 digital stamps (4 each month and special quarterly digis)

            ~ $2.12 per stamp

Half-year digital stamp subscription (October 2016 – March 2017)


            ~24 digital stamps (4 each month)

            ~ $2.80 per stamp

All future stamps after the Saturated Canary online shop closes will be exclusively available through subscription only.   I will offer the half-year subscription again later in the year for April—September at the same price of $68.  However, buying both separately will cost approx. $25 more than buying the year package.  


* Monthly stamps (4) sent on the 1st of every month. 
*Special quarterly stamp (only available in the year subscription) sent October 1, January 1, May 1, and August 1. 


All stamps are sent as .jpg email attachments in a newsletter that will include coloring tips, project inspiration, and links to check out.



edited 4/1/2017

Subscription 2016-2017 is now closed.
Please visit kristaleighsmith.com to purchase my newest subscription.  


My Best Books of 2015/ a Challenge/ and Book Giveaway


I set a book reading goal for 2015 of 24 books. 
Right now, as of December 11th, I’ve read 18 (and a half). 
So I am going to fall shy of my goal.

The real challenge began when Phil decided to number two index cards,
(one with his finished books and one with mine)
slid them into a binder,
and basically just kept “tabs” of our reading lists all.year.long. 

When you number something, it’s over.
You have officially invited me into a challenge.
And I do not like to lose in physical or intellectual pursuits…
So, I’ve been in a race with my husband all of 2015 for top “reader” spot in our home.

He is on book 22.
I’m just bitter.
And reading like crazy.
But mostly just bitter. 

In an effort to turn my bitterness into something more redemptive, I’m listing my top reads of 2015 below.  I am currently reading If Nuns Ruled the World, Accidenal Saints, and Player Piano (I have decision-making issues).  I just need to distract Phil from reading for the next 20 days so we can end in a tie…Or maybe I can win.  


Best Book of 2015:

I have a ‘thing’ for the Old Testament.  Since I was a kid, I’ve loved the first half of my Bible dearly.  I don’t often get to work that little nugget of info into conversations, but it is true.  Enns’ book is challenging, brutally honest in its question asking and answer seeking, and oddly/brilliantly funny.  I have pondered ways to become his best friend, but for now I will settle on awarding myself ‘biggest fan.’  This book steadied my already shifting faith.  I read it in one sitting, 5 days into 2015. 

So it was also the biggest let down because nothing else really measured up for the following 360 days. 


Best Book for Nerding-Out on the Bible

It’s a commitment-read.  As in, it might take you a solid three months to get through…but it is a treasure and an invitation to a deeper understanding of the Scriptures.  


Best Re-read in 2015
Walking on Water, Madeleine L’Engle

I have promised myself to re-read this in January every year till I die.  It is one of my all time favorite books.  Ever. 


Best Book to Recommend to a Friend:

I love her.  I do. 
I heard her speak this fall, and she is just rad.
I even took Niamh and Philly, and they loved the Lutheran, tattooed, lady pastor (who occasionally cursed).  It is rare that a chapter in her book ends in a neatly tied bow...and I was super glad for a raw book like that.  I thought about going back to school for a masters in theology just to land an internship with her… but she lives in Colorado, and I’m not sure about all that snow…and it would just be a whole thing. 
But anyhow. 
She made an impact on all of us (it’s one of Phil’s 2015 books as well), and I think that is cool- when an author can speak to a whole family, kids and all. 


Best Book for the Spiritual Heart

If a book could be the baby of the bible and an Anthropology store, this would be it.  It is such a work of art and eclectic beauty…and its all anchored in Christ.  I loved everything about it, from the title to the very last word.  I could literally feel myself getting more and more comfortable in my own skin as the pages flipped. 

Phil is also reading this one, right now actually. 
So whatever.
Good job, Erika, for making books that everyone loves (and that cause me to lose year-long marriage challenges). 


Best Book to Gift

This is the other book I will re-read every January because it is a story changer.  Plus, Donald Miller…I mean, come on.


Second Best Book, because 2nd is the first loser…

“Original Sin” was giving me a lot of trouble this year.  I came to a point where I knew I could no longer believe in it in the orthodox sense of the definition but did not know what that meant or if I was just weird…or a heretic.  And then my friend Tim suggested this book, and it was the perfect compass to steady my bearings a bit.  I found company and questions and even some answers….and that is a welcomed relief after a long period of feeling very alone and awkwardly trying to fit into an “evangelical” mold.

Note: Also, if you need a white elephant gift [i.e., ‘extravagant but burdensome gift that cannot be easily disposed of’] for a conservative, young-earth, fundamentalist Christian, pair this with Peter Enns book and a six pack of Stella.  And, basically, you win.

*On a more serious note, I think these two books embody some of the most important conversations Christians need to be a part of for the next 100 years.  Just my two sense.


Best Brain-Pain Book

He is a smidge too smart for me…and by smidge I mean crapload.  But while reading his words, I started feeling understood.  I felt appreciative of the people who do the leg work in making room for different views (specifically, on the bible’s ‘perfectness’) rather than locking arms and shoving the searching/questioning hearts out. 


Best Book Club Book
Bread and Wine, Shauna Neiquist

I’ve cooked or eaten just about every recipe from this book.  The Chicken Chili is my favorite (and perhaps the easiest and tastiest, too).  I’ve been a part of two book clubs this year reading this gem.  And I still find myself grabbing for it weekly, whether to glean some goodness off the pages or to remember some ingredient from a recipe.  There is something sacred about food, table, and friends.  Some of my very favorite moments this year were created in the mixture of those things… where heaven breaks into our living, if just for a meal.  It really is communion in the truest sense.


Best Coffee Table Book
Humans of New York Stories, Brandon Stanton

Because stories will change us~ this should be on every living room table and a morning companion to our Bibles and cups of Joe.

For 2016,
I am hoping to make it to the 24 books mark. 
My first book is going to be Out of Sorts by Sarah Bessey. 
I’ve been saving it to start my 2016 reading.

What are some of your best-books-read this year?
Do you re-read certain books from time to time? 
Give me some recommendations!
Because you know I will go look them up.
And probably read them, too.

I'll pick one comment and send you the Humans of New York Stories book for your coffee table:)...


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